Tailored 1-2-1 Walks
Check in Services

Tailored 1-2-1 Walks

Some dogs enjoy group walks, others don’t so I provide personalised 1-2-1 walks (including dogs from the same household) for dogs who prefer their own company.  I specialise in dogs who lack confidence, are nervous/anxious and are reactive.

Walks are tailored to each individual dog.  We might have quieter walks with plenty of space from other dogs or people or environments which offer them enrichment where they can sniff and explore safely.  We might also play some games or work on recall.

Every time your dog comes out with me they get my undivided attention and they have lots of fun doing what they love to do the most.  They go home content and happy and will more than likely settle down for a little snooze.  You will also get photos and updates of what they have been up to (either on Facebook or WhatsApp).

Solo Walks

£14 for 30 minutes
£20 for one hour
Each additional dog (same household) +£10 *see below*

Check-in Services

Do you have a puppy, a dog recovering after surgery, an anxious dog that struggles with walks or older dog that needs a bit of company?  Then a check-in visit is for you.
Check-in visits provide them with a bit of company to break up their day, some fuss and cuddles (if that’s what they like), enrichment activities and outside toilet time, etc.
£14 for 30 minutes
£20 for one hour

Meet and Greet

1 x 30-minute meet and greet is free.
If subsequent meet and greets are required these are charged at £14 for £30 minutes.

Please note the following

  • Dog Walking and Check-in services cover Bedford.
  • Hours of work are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm – hours may differ slightly in the winter months.
  • Dogs from the same household must be able to be walked safely together, otherwise separate walks apply.