about Paws 4 Trails

A Little bit about me

Since I was young, I’ve loved animals (both learning about and taking care of them) and I grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and stick insects!  I rescued a small mongrel from a dog shelter when I lived in Spain and she came back to the UK with me when I relocated for work. We had almost 15 years together and she was my constant companion.

Following redundancy during the pandemic from my extensive career in travel, I took a break and had a complete change in career as I became a dog walker. We also ended up getting a German Shepherd puppy and I became a full time carer for this little bundle of fluff.  Having a large breed puppy during lockdowns brought a number of challenges and I began researching, reading and learning as much as I could about dog behaviour and training methods in order to better help my girl. I have completed a number of courses (IMDT, Pro Dog Trainer, Pro Dog Trainer Geek (behaviour), Canine Body Language, Reactive Rascals, Dog First Aid) and I also became a certified Mantrailing Global Instructor.

I currently work as a dog walker and this is something that I thoroughly enjoy.  I have gained lots of hands on experience in walking and taking care of dogs (both large and small breeds) including those that have struggles/challenges/reactivity. I love getting to know dogs as individuals including what they like to do (sniffing, running, playing, mooching, etc.) and spending time with them. 

I am fully insured, DBS checked and qualified in Dog First Aid. I am also a Gold Member of the Pet Professional Network, a Premium Member on Yappily as well as a member of the Professional Dog Walkers Association.

I regularly undertake continuous professional development around dog related training, dog walking and Mantrailing.

Here are our dogs…